Same Sex Weddings

Finally, same sex couples, in New Zealand, can be married! Whether you are a gay couple, Lesbian or transgender you will be treated with respect and professionalism at Kumeu Valley Estate. We have held a number of civil unions over the years and for each of our couples to them it was always a wedding and why should it not have been!

One of our recent gay couples gave us some insight after getting married at our venue on how difficult it had been for them to find a venue that didn’t stigmatise them. We have always been happy to host same sex marriages and welcome couples openly at Kumeu Valley Estate. Whether you wish to go all out and celebrate with a lavish affair or keep it an intimate we will work with you to embrace all that makes the day special to you and fiancé.

Kumeu Valley Estate rustic setting has been praised by many couples over the years as a truly unique location. It has just that right amount of Kiwi relaxed feel and glamour brought in by the table settings. We have a number of locations in the gardens suitable for the ceremony and we can help you with same sex friendly celebrant contacts.

Comments from one of our past wedding couples

Michael and I have always wanted to get married. We first started dating way back in 2003 when there was no legal recognition of same-sex relationships at all.

Over the course of thirteen years together, we've seen attitudes change remarkably. Firstly from a social perspective of increased acceptance, then the Civil Union Act that was introduced under Labour, and finally the Marriage Equality Act.

It might have taken a long time, but now in New Zealand we could finally do what all of our friends and family were doing, and that was declare our love for each other. All that was missing, was a venue.

We spent days and days scouring the North Island for the perfect venue - and it was exceptionally hard to find. We thought some were beautiful, but too small. We thought others were breath-taking, but too expensive. We thought some were perfect, but just in the wrong location.

However, we also experienced challenges that most couples wouldn't face. We were received with surprise and shock at one location, we were put off by the frilly and feminine bows in another, in fact it's only once you remove the bride that you truly appreciate how much of the wedding process revolves around the female.

Eventually, we landed on Kumeu Valley Estate and thought it was perfect at first glance. Annette was immediately warm, hospitable and friendly. The venue had the rustic, laid-back charm that we had been looking for. And crucially for us, Annette knew what we were after and ensured that there were now bows, frills or pink anywhere in the venue (although we did convince her to let us use a confetti canon to add that certain level of 'tack' all weddings need!)

Once we had selected the venue we got started with our planning. That was another issue altogether - we weren't actually living in New Zealand at the time, and doing it remotely from London.

Kumeu Valley Estate was flawless and once again did everything they could to help us - they arranged food tastings with our NZ-based wedding party, they spoke a lot to our preferred suppliers to help arrange the day directly, Annette even agreed to Skype us despite the time differences whilst on a family holiday.

The day couldn't have been better. The food was delicious, the venue was flawless, the organisation was slick. If you're looking for a venue that runs with militant efficiency, goes over and above for their clients, is located in the most beautiful setting - and most importantly is welcoming to all people regardless of age, sexuality or race, then Kumeu Valley Estate is for you.

We couldn't recommend them highly enough.

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