Autumn Weddings

Autumn Weddings

Why an Autumn Wedding?

Autumn Wedding

Ah, the refreshing feeling of the cooler days is a blessing to a groom in a suit. Some of the most spectacular photos I have seen are in autumn when the sun is lower and the lighting more golden. The colours of the nearby wineries and even on-site, with our liquid amber trees, make for vibrant photos. Autumn is the time of year when friends are less likely to be on holiday and look forward to celebrations that give them a chance to catch up with everyone they’ve been missing over the summer months. Expect to have more yeses than noes to your invitations!

In April, the colours will begin to change and become most intense in early May. Auckland weather can be up and down in the autumn as it teaches us to wear more layers and realise the hot summer days are behind us. Time to think about planning for that wet weather day, then when you have a gorgeous day, you will only be pleasantly surprised.

At Kumeu Valley Estate, we find that we are able to host most of our autumn ceremonies in the gardens but then we move guests to the reception area a bit earlier. The sides to the dining area leading to our courtyard are generally closed for dinner. They are clear so you can still enjoy the views to the gardens while keeping comfortably warm. As the night light fades earlier in autumn, the candles and fairy lights become more effective to create that romantic setting to celebrate one of your most memorable days in your life.

Autumn Wedding Tips for Brides and Grooms

Garden Ceremony

Autumn is the time when brides can think of glamorous faux fur wraps and wearing their hair down with luxurious curls. Grooms can rest easy knowing that they will not melt or have sweat-stained shirts that you are frightened to take your jacket off and expose.

Enjoy the more settled time of the year when everyone is not racing to be at 10 events in a weekend. Give your guests something to look forward to and plan an autumn wedding.