Winter Weddings

Winter Weddings

Why a Winter Wedding?

Winter Weddings
Rustic Wedding

So you are thinking of hosting your wedding in crisp season of winter. There are some great benefits of a winter date! For a major part, you will find that many wedding suppliers offer off-peak rates in winter. Like autumn, you will find more yeses to your invitations than noes as people are generally excited about having something come up in the winter to celebrate. Honeymoon destinations to the Northern Hemisphere offer wonderful warm escapes in the coldest time of the year. Even if you just skip over to one of our Pacific Island nations, you can still enjoy warm weather without the intensity of their summer heat.

In winter, it will get dark earlier so consider hosting your bridal photos prior to the ceremony. If you prefer the traditional photos after the ceremony, consider where you are going and stick to locations as close together as possible to ensure you have enough time. Usable light will fade about half an hour before sunset. Auckland is still a warmer winter destination to some of the other parts of the country. It is not uncommon to find a sunny but brisk day in the winter months but be prepared for a wet day. The biggest question you want to ask while doing your planning is the “what if”. In Auckland, you will not be snowed out or have to deal with icy roads but there is a chance poor weather can cause travel delays. Ensure you allow for this. Possibly look at getting ready at one of the nearby B&B’s.

At Kumeu Valley Estate, we have a spectacular setting for our winter weddings and we generally host all our ceremonies in the Merlot room with the rustic fireplace as your backdrop. There is nothing cosier than watching or snuggling up to a fire on a cool winter’s day! We generally invite your guests to enter directly into the Merlot room so that the first thing they see is the massive fireplace. Immediately they are embraced with its warmth. Winter allows us to create a special atmosphere and what better to start with than a warm arrival drink like our signature mulled apple (non-alcoholic) or mulled wine.

Our fairy lights (complimentary in the winter months) and tea light candles set off an amazing scene that can be appreciated from early in the day. We are always getting comments on how our venue has so many character-filled corners that are perfect for that wet weather day of photos. Our dining space is comfortable with underfloor heating and on those particularly cold nights, we have some extra blast heaters that can warm the room in 10-15 minutes.

Winter Wedding Tips for Brides and Grooms

Winter Wedding Venue

Think Warmth for the day! If you are going to head off-site for photos, make sure everyone has something warm to wrap up in. Embrace the winter theme, it will make your wedding photos stand out from that of your friends. We have white umbrellas for you to use for any off-site photos and rain puddles can make for some amazing reflective shots.

Be prepared that not all the flowers are available in the winter months so be flexible or save money all together and leave flowers out of the picture and use more candles, twisty willow branches or less traditional decorations on your table. A great favour to offer is your own hot chocolate or Mocca mix in a clever jar complete with mini marshmallows. They will remember the day as they mix up your blend!

There may be a possibility of bad weather but most of all, remember, it’s the people that surround you on your wedding that make it special not the weather!