Why a Summer Wedding?

Summer Wedding

Summer is the most popular time to get married around the world. It is the perfect time of the year for an outdoor wedding. As you picture the perfect blue skies and warm nights air, you need to think about a few key points to make sure you find that perfect location that will keep your guests comfortable all day long.

One of the best parts about Kumeu Valley Estate is its indoor/outdoor flow. When your guests first arrive they are escorted to the garden bar where they can enjoy refreshing cool drinks while they wait for the ceremony to start. You may even wish to add a frozen mocktail to your list of beverages for the day. Our garden pergola is set in the corner of our property with large trees offering natural shade and extra umbrellas to cover the sunny spots. The pergola offers a structured but rustic location for your ceremony and with our portable sound system, your guests can enjoy recorded music you have chosen or live music can be played if you prefer.

Outdoor Wedding

Like in spring, sand flies may be an issue but our bar is always stocked with bug spray for guests to use. Another important component we supply is sunscreen. New Zealand’s sun is one of the most intense in the world and yet it is so easy to forget to add that protection layer when you are planning on dressing up for an afternoon out.

When your guests move to the reception area they will be so pleased to find it cool and refreshing. Our high ceilings and large open sides to the courtyard make for a feeling of eating outside but with the benefit of a covered roof area. With summer sunset setting in much later, you will be pleased that the lighting with all the fairy lights at the venue creates the perfect setting for a summers night party. On a warm summers' night, guests will mingle in the courtyard area and enjoy the twinkling stars that are mirrored with the fairy lights all around the venue.

Come dance time, you will be even more relieved when you enter the Merlot room adjacent to the dining room and find it pleasantly chilled with air conditioning perfect for dancing to your favourite DJ, Band or selected iPod music.

Kumeu Valley Estate with its intimate gardens and amazing indoor/outdoor flow is just perfect for a summer wedding. But don’t forget when looking for that perfect location, you need to consider a great wet weather option. The merlot room with the high timber ceilings and air conditioning on a humid rainy summer’s day is just that perfect back-up plan.

Summer Wedding Tips for Brides and Grooms

Gentlemen, suits are still traditional but remember to try them on in the summer months or make sure they are summer weight if you have hired and are trying them on in winter.

Ladies, the bridal gown is one dress you will always treasure. Beautiful lace, layers of chiffon, silk or satin, whatever you choose, think about the heat of the day and allow for a dress you can stay cool in. The humidity in summer will play a role in the fashion you choose for your hair. Think about cool up styles.

In the summer months, the range of flowers are plentiful. Please think about your bouquets and buttonholes. These are generally out of water for extended periods of time and you want flowers that are going to look good still at the end of the night. If your flowers are wilting, don’t include them in any late night photos as they may just ruin that perfect shot.