Kumeu Valley Estate offers an extensive range of wedding and wedding venue services perfect for any season. Our wedding venue has a few different locations that can be suited towards spring, summer, autumn or winter. We also welcome any same sex couples to our wedding venue.


Your Wedding Venue

Step outside to the courtyard and luscious lawns immaculately maintained, and enjoy the tranquility as the fantails flutter about the trees and gardens.

With 3 acres of property to explore there is ample room for your guests to spill out and find their own private corner. Tucked away in one of the corners is our pergola, and primary wedding ceremony site. No need to worry about your guests hearing the ceremony as our portable sound system takes care of that while allowing your chosen music to be played.

Over the years we have added a few more garden features that offer locations for family and bridal party photos. There is the Jetty, nestled in the shade of the bush where a tranquil river meanders by. Our bush setting in the opposite corner to the pergola, has been used on occasion as an alternative ceremony location and is another area perfect for bridal party images, featuring grandaddy Totora trees with umbrella like branches embracing you with shade. Another favourite resting spot is our rustic swing, surrounded by cherry blossom trees. When these are in bloom, late September early Autumn, it is a favourite photo location for family and bridal party shots. Our couples find this a perfect location to gaze back at the venue while they take the day in and enjoy a private moment alone.

Amongst the renovations done back in 2008 a bell was added to the tower entrance. We ring the bell at the end of our garden ceremonies the traditional twelve times to offer well wishes for the first twelve months of your married life.

A perfect spot to gaze back at the venue. Imagine the bell ringing to announce to all the commitment you and your fiancé have just made. A truly special touch. Traditionally a bell is rung twelve times to offer well wishes for the first twelve months of your married life.

At Kumeu Valley Estate we believe every wedding needs to reflect the individuality of our bridal couples. When you book with KVE, you receive a dedicated wedding planner who will work with you to make sure the ceremony and reception all run smoothly. We will co-ordinate your time-line, food and beverage, room dressing, ceremony needs and are happy to point you in the right direction with our preferred suppliers in areas of:

  • Stationery requirements
  • Celebrants
  • Spa treatments/ Hair/ make-up
  • Transportation
  • Florist
  • Cake Companies
  • Photographers / Videographers
  • Accommodation
  • Entertainment

The venue has that relaxed feel that you have been looking for. Now let us sit with you and find out all your other dreams for the day. Whether it is a cocktail party, buffet or a more formal set menu you are after we are happy to offer menu samples and work together with your budget.


Welcome to Kumeu Valley Estate from The Lauren + Delwyn Project on Vimeo.

Frances & Jonathan Wedding Film from Jetmo Project on Vimeo.

Photo Opportunities

There are many fantastic photo opportunities on site and in the surrounding region. West Brook Vineyard within moments drive of our venue and offers a free photo location to our bridal parties. Please contact them at and mention you are getting married with us. Riverhead Forest also offers a wide range of photo locations. Muriwai Beach is just 20 minutes away and the train track 2 minutes away offer stunning shots with a difference. If you choose to venture off our grounds we pack you a picnic basket with your canape choices and any beverage selections.

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