Britt and Sandra

Our Story

"Love at first sight" is how Britt and I would sum up the start of our lives together, as it truly was that. Our relationship kicked off in our early 20's; still young to make big life decisions, however we both knew that one day we wanted to be Mrs and Mrs. We spent a long time talking about wedding day childhood dreams, laughing at each others suggestions and most importantly making mutual decisions on what our special day will look like to incorporate our personalities, passion for each other and our two very different cultures.

Finding that perfect place

As marriage comes once, we had no idea where to start- however we heard rumours that Auckland venues sometimes needed a year/two notice of the date you want so we found our starting point fairly quickly! We had no location in mind, no expectations on how the venue should look like and no idea on how big we wanted the wedding to be- it was a question of what stole our hearts and made us feel welcome.

Searching for venues wasn't the easiest, however Kumeu Valley Estate was a reoccurring suggestion from other newlyweds on a wedding FB page, so we knew we had to check it out! When we contacted Annette, we received such a warm, kind, passionate and nonjudgmental response from her. This was very pleasant as multiple other event planners and venue owners left very negative marks on our planning journey with their ignorance to same sex couples/weddings.

The day we stepped foot into KVE- we looked at each other and with all excitement said "THIS IS IT!". We knew our dreams were going to come true here. Meeting Annette was a cherry on top of a cake, as we have never dealt with a more amazing and beautiful person in our lives. She was so easy to build a connection with from the start and she made us feel super comfortable. Safe to know, we immediately cancelled viewing the other two locations we had on the list for the day, as KVE just had the "IT" factor.


Photography by Ivana & Milan Photography

Britt and Sandra

KVE just has it all!! First and foremost, an amazing manager as mentioned, super friendly and helpful staff, an amazing atmosphere with multiple different sceneries to accommodate any wedding theme, delicious food, brilliant amenities and fabulous wee perks that come with the venue. Planning our wedding was so easy with Annette by our side running us through what needs doing, providing us with detailed documents, having our planning meeting where everything possible was discussed. Being the control freak I am, I sent endless and countless emails to Annette which she got back to so promptly! As we were stuck in the unfortunate year of Covid- it was very calming having Annette there to help and support us when we had to replan and reorganise the day! We are extremely thankful for this as we know that she alone was dealing with multiple other couples going through the same problems which would have been a hassle along with all the cancellations that came her way. She stayed strong for all of us- she's Wonder Woman!

One particular thing that stood out to us throughout the whole process was the lack of judgement that came from Annette and her staff. There was never a time where we encountered paperwork with the pre-written "Bride and Groom" on it, expectations that we're both wearing dresses, that we want everything to be glitz and glam as brides usually do. Everything was personalized for us and we never had any awkward conversations which was a breath of fresh air!

The reception

When the big day finally came around, it was perfect and just as we imagined! Annette and her team did a fabulous job at making our long awaited day a very memorable and beautiful one. They were so onto it, made everything run so smoothly, went over and beyond with the set up and personal touches and the food was absolutely glamorous (everyone is still talking about the delicious salmon, the size of the steak and the yummy chocolate mousse!!).

We couldn't be thankful enough for the support Annette and her staff provided us with and for welcoming us and our big LGBTQIA+ family and friends with arms wide open.

If you're after a hassle free, absolutely beautiful, memorable and top notch wedding, Kumeu Valley Estate is definitely your place to be. We will forever keep recommending KVE to everyone; it was just splendid!