Winter Weddings

Pacifica Menu



Kokoda spoons – marinated raw fish with coconut milk, tomato, onion and chilli
Green Lipped Mussels – steamed with garlic and white wine served hot in the half shell
Salmon Pate – a smooth blend of steamed salmon and feta cream served on a crostini


Roti, papadams


Traditional Garden Salad - with iceberg lettuce, cucumber and tomato
Potato Salad – New Season potatoes tossed with sour cream and chives

Hot Vegetables

Taro – steamed in a Lovo
Yams – steamed in a Lovo
Tavioka – boiled or steamed in a Lovo
Palusami – spinach steamed in the Lovo either plain or with corned beef
Rourou Vakalolo – fried spinach finished with coconut cream
Baigani Vakalolo – deep fried eggplant served with coconut cream
Basmati Rice - steamed

Hot dishes

Ika Vakalolo – fried fish & cabbage in coconut milk
Ika Vakamiti – whole steamed fish served with fresh seasoned coconut cream sauce
Rourou & Lamb Chops – spinach cooked with lamb chop pieces in a coconut cream sauce
Beef curry – Fijian Style with traditional spices
Prawns Suruwa – Whole prawns cooked in a coconut cream curry sauce

Roasted meats

Whole Pig spit Roasted
Chickens spit roasted with apricot and thyme stuffing


Qalu – mashed Cassava/ Takioka/spinach with coconut cream sauce
Custard Pies – with your choice of flavours (coconut or pineapple
Cassava Cake
Fresh Fruit Salad with mango, paw paw, pineapple, grapes and melons
Ice Cream