Summer Weddings

Summer Weddings

Why a Summer Wedding?

If you're dreaming of a gorgeous outdoor wedding, summer is probably perfect for you—but there's a lot more than weather to love about this time of year. While spring and fall can bring unpredictable temperatures and rain, summer is known for sunny blue skies and warm temperatures that often last into the evening, making it the perfect time of year for outdoor nuptials. More flower varieties are avaliable in summer too, meaning you'll have a greater selection making for more dynamic, colourful and affordable arrangements. Mother nature will also save you on decor in the summer months. The warm weather allows couples to take advantage of gorgeous natural backdrops, with foliage and flowers in abundance.

Another upside of summer is more people can probably attend thanks to holidays and a lightened work load. Also great for couples still in school who can then take advantage of their summer break!

And lastly brides have a wider range of dress options, a dress without sleeves or straps and no need to cover up with coats and scarfs.

Kumeu Valley Estate Features

  • Garden bar where drinks can be served to guests while they wait for the ceremony to start
  • Garden pergola offers a structured but rustic location for your ceremony. Set in the corner of our property with large trees offering natural shade and extra umbrellas to cover the sunny spots. Use our portable sound system or live music can be played here if you prefer.
  • Reception area featuring high ceilings and large open sides to the courtyard making for a feeling of eating outside but with the benefit of a covered roof area.
  • Courtyard area for evening mingling.
  • Gorgeous fairy lights around the whole venue.
  • Airconditioned Merlot room perfect for dancing to your favourite DJ, Band or selected iPod music, or great as a wet weather ceremony option on a rainy day.
  • Intimate gardens and amazing indoor/outdoor flow.
  • Sunscreen and bug spray both supplied.

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Summer Wedding Tips for Brides and Grooms

Gentlemen, suits are still traditional but remember to try them on in the summer months or make sure they are summer weight if you have hired and are trying them on in winter.

Ladies, the bridal gown is one dress you will always treasure. Beautiful lace, layers of chiffon, silk or satin, whatever you choose, think about the heat of the day and allow for a dress you can stay cool in. The humidity in summer will play a role in the fashion you choose for your hair. Think about cool up styles.

In the summer months, the range of flowers are plentiful. Please think about your bouquets and buttonholes. These are generally out of water for extended periods of time and you want flowers that are going to look good still at the end of the night. If your flowers are wilting, don’t include them in any late night photos as they may just ruin that perfect shot.


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